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Everything you need to make your restaurant or cafe run smoothly.


Point of sale

Kounta’s sales screen is fully customisable, so you can organise it anyway you like. Organise items by category, or alphabetically if that’s what you’re into. Easily navigate through product variants and modifiers, and add customers and discounts.


When you finalise your takings at the end of the day, Kounta generates a report of how much to remove from the till to hand out as tips, and records the deduction from the till to keep everything accurate.​

Table layouts

Create a table layout just once, and then push it out to all your devices. All orders in the system are attached to a table, which everyone can see, eliminating confusion and errors.


Choose the best way to accept payments, including credit, debit, on account and custom payment options. Kounta makes it easy to split payments by product or by tender type.



Easily add, edit, and remove products. flexible pricing options make it easy to discount and create promotional campaigns, as well as automatic price adjustments based on store locations or even customers.

Modifiers and more

Make on-the-fly changes to what your customers want easily. No pickles? No problem. Option Sets let you group your products in various ways to form new products, like modifiers, upsells, deals and gift packs.


Our menu items can be stored as a list of ingredients at specific quantities. Ordering triggers each of these ingredients to be deducted from existing inventory in the appropriate quantities.


Build and manage customer lists, track the complete purchase history of any customer and send targeted offers. Export your customer lists with account balances to your accounting software, email addresses to your marketing.


Reports with complete control

Get instant snapshots of what’s going on in any one of your stores, or see all stores aggregated into a single report. Real time views of your sales history, customers, and popular products, accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Sales reports

Go beyond simple reporting with our real-time analytics platform, powered by industry specific reports and ad-hoc queries alike. Kounta Insights lets you dive deep in to your data, helps you make more informed business decisions.

Inventory reports

Stock on-hand and product level sales reports are fed real-time data; identifying popular items and alerting you to low stock levels. You’ll make better informed and more timely decisions to build a better business.

Mobile dashboard

Get an instant snapshot of how your stores are performing with our mobile dashboard, and have access to your most important info, right in your pocket.

End of day reporting

Track sales each day with a register closure summary. Confirm payment amounts, check for discrepancies, and add notes about the day.

Sales targets

Set goals for your team and identify your top performers with daily, weekly or monthly sales targets, that you can monitor directly from Kounta.



Grow effortlessly with Kounta and quickly add more products, users or registers. Kounta is designed to be flexible and help you scale easily.

Add registers easily

Count makes it easy for you to add additional registers and businesses, managed all centrally in the cloud.

Add ons

With Kounta POS at the center, covering the basics and then some for any type of business. Then we created our own add-ons for more specialized purposes, like our Tables app for dining room layouts. Finally, we invited developers to create integrations.

Centralised data

Centrally manage prices and products, tax rates, stock levels, staff, customers and reporting, across all your stores and channels, painlessly.

Mobile app

Manage your store remotely, with access to real-time sales data, reports, staff management, and inventory. Or, if you own a food truck or mobile business, you can literally take your store with you and Kounta happily follows.

Go worldwide

All Kounta Customers get the benefit of a comprehensive, high-performance solution with a low total cost of ownership, while keeping their data safe, their interactions secure, and their businesses protected.



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