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We have a solution for your business.

App HQ is a social enterprise born in Taranaki in 2016. We've evolved from a cloud integrations service provider to a custom application developer. Our team combines the wisdom of experienced professionals with the innovative spirit of young talent from our sister company, Learner Me.

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Leverage the technology for your business.


Our services range from Xero-centered business solutions consultancy to custom application development and integration. Our mission is to leverage technology to streamline business processes and unlock growth opportunities for our clients.

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Our relationship with HQ

As a proud member of the HQ Group, we embody their philosophy of caring, empowerment, and innovation. Our association with HQ enables us to provide holistic solutions to our clients, amplifying their success.


Our Why

Our purpose goes beyond technology. We are committed to creating an impact, fostering young talent, and ensuring every project benefits both our clients and the community. Our drive is to use technology as a tool for building a better world.
This is App HQ.
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